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About Copper Tubing

Copper Tubing May Be the Very Best Choice For Your Product Line!

The following are resources to help you make an informed decision about using copper in your tubing coil products.


·       Tried and True for Millennia

1- Copper tubing has been in in use by civilization for thousands of years, and it has been found present in the water lines of Ancient Egypt.

2- Modern-day houses having copper pipes installed 70 years ago are still working well in the present day and require far less to fix and modify than alternative methods. Should you choose copper, you will have very little maintenance, whereas even stainless steel begins to rust over time, especially if it is not painted or coated.

3- There are a great variety of uses for copper tubing. If you invest a high degree into copper, you may be able to easily reclaim your investment with high rates of return for reuse and recycling for example. Copper is a fantastic renewable resource because it is easily recycled. If possible for your product, implement your use of copper as a great PR boost!

·      Beneficial Qualities of Copper Tubing

Proven Longevity

Comparably Lightweight

Resistant to Corrosion

Can Be Formed to Shape

Largely Nontoxic and Non Carcinogenic

Many Uses and High Reuse / Recycling ROI