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Product name : Insulated copper aluminum welding tube
Item : 2014520121412
Price : LME SHFE
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Product name: Insulated copper aluminum tube
Item:                  copper tube / copper tubes / copper tubing / copper piping / copper coil / pipe coil /Insulation tube
Insulated copper aluminum tube for air conditioner installation units.
Insulated copper aluminum tube  is a new pipe, both ends with 10-20CM copper pipes and the middle is the aluminum pipe, it can instead the full copper insualted pipe with much lower price and the same function in the process of the air-conditioner installing,the copper tubing and aluminum pipe inside of the insulation is compatible for R410A,R407C,R404A,R507 and R22 refrigerants.

This insulation pipe
good for Anti-UV, heat resistance, low water absorption,be mainly used for installation of Air Conditioner,multi-splits central air-conditioning,heat exchanger,refrigeration applications etc.Pre Insulated copper-aluminum pipes does not need onsite pipe insulation,and the length of the pipe can be cut on site according to requirements.  As an energy efficient and environmentally friendly material, it is widely use in HVAC&R systems.
Main material: Pure copper pipe,aluminum pipe,white / black polyethylene foam insulation pipe, rubber insulation pipe
Directory: Pre Insulated Pair copper-aluminum pipe coils, Insulated single copper-aluminum pipe coils,Insulated straight copper-aluminum pipe

Production Standard: ASTM B280, AS 1571 JISH3300 and EN 12735.
Copper pipe :      99.99%  
Aluminum pipe:
Package: Each end capped sealed by plastic bag, and packed by carton box of 1-2 rolls, usually we suggest our clients load by FCL without cartons for loading more coils
General Product code and size

Product Code




Insulated Pair Coil 1/4"+ 3/8"*30M(max)



Insulated Pair Coil 1/4"+ 1/2"*30M(max)



Insulated Pair Coil 1/4"+ 5/8"*30M(max)



Insulated Pair Coil 3/8"+ 1/2"*30M(max)



Insulated Pair Coil 3/8"+ 5/8"*30M(max)



Insulated Pair Coil 3/8"+ 3/4"*30M(max)



Insulated Pair Coil 1/2"+ 3/4"*30M(max)


Product Code




Insulated Single Coil 1/4"*30M(max)



Insulated Single Coil 3/8"*30M(max)



Insulated Single Coil 1/2"*30M(max)



Insulated Single Coil 5/8"*30M(max)



Insulated Single Coil 3/4"*30M(max)



Insulated Single Coil 7/8"*30M(max)


              Atten: the O.D W.T and the color of the insulation according to your demand, the longest coils we can supply is 30M.

 copper and aluminum welded tube for air conditioner
 Rubber insulated copper aluminum welded tube for air conditionerInsulated copper tube with box packing

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