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Product name : Inner grooved copper tube
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Product name: Inner grooved copper tube
copper tube / copper tubes / copper tubing / copper piping / copper coil / pipe coil
LWC inner grooved copper tube for HVAC&R industry 
LWC inner grooved  copper tube especially suited to long production runs for industrial applications,its inside surface area of the inner grooved copper tube increases 65~100% than that of the same specification of plain copper tube, the heat transfer coefficient is about 1.8~2.0 times of that of same specification of plain tube, inner grooved copper tube is widely applied to the Air Conditioner, the Assembly Type Air Conditioning Unit, the Residential Central Air Conditioning, Show Case Refrigerator which is in conformance with the developing tendency of the Air Conditioner and Refrigerator to the high efficiency, the energy saving.
Main material: 99.99% copper
General size:
1)Grade : C1020, C1220,
2)Outside diameter: 5.0mm-15.8mm
3)Inner diameter: 4.3mm-14.22mm
4)Bottom wall thickness: 0.20mm-0.75mm
5)Total wall thickness: 0.32mm-0.87mm
6)Fin Groove Depth: 0.10mm-0.33mm
7)Length: no fixed, around 120kg /reel, 
LWC Production Standard: ASTM B280, AS 1571 JISH3300 and EN 12735.
LWC Temper: Soft
Package: Each end capped ,unit weight around 100kgs/reel and packed individually by reel, 6-7 reels packed by one pallet,we can design the wooden reels to meet your production lines.

General code and size ,pls check here pdf(84kb)
LWC Inner grooved copper tube coilInner grooved copper tube for heat exchanger coil


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