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Product name : Micro-multiport extrusion Aluminum tube
Item : 2015810164120
Price : SHFE LME
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Product name: Micro-channel flat aluminum pipe / Micro-Multiport Extrusion Aluminum tube / MPE Aluminum tube
Item:                   aluminum pipe/aluminum tube/aluminum tubing/aluminum piping/aluminum coil/aluminum extrusions
Micro-multiport extrusion tube (MPE tube) is mainly used for the production of heat exchangers. Due to its high corrosion-resistance & good heat conductivity, MPE tube is particularly well suited for the use in evaporators & condensers with refrigerant R134-A. It is the trend to use new refrigerant R744 (CO2) in future, MPE tube is required increased burst strength and better heat conductivity for an optimized product size. To meet the market requirement, USOON developed zinc-coated & flux coated MPE tubes, it can be supplied in coils, or fixed length by non-cutting separation method.

Product Characteristic:

Low weight

Good thermal and electricity conductivity

Good corrosion resistance

Good forming and bending capability

Comply with ROHS

High cycle reuse value

Narrow tolerance range

High surface quality 

General size:

1)Grade : 1060 1050 1070 1070A 1100 3102 3003 etc

2) A: Width: 6-200mm     B:Hight: 0.8-9.9mm   

C:Bar thickness: 0.2mm-0.5mm       E:Wall thickness:0.2-0.5mm     Hole No: 2-60 (for condenser tube)

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