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Product name : Aluminum pipe straight length with ROHS certification
Item : 2015715234059
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Product name: Aluminum pipe straight length with ROHS certification
Item:                   aluminum pipe/aluminum tube/aluminum tubing/aluminum piping/aluminum coil/aluminum extrusions/ Aluminium tube/Aluminium pipe
Usoon has more than 8 years experience in making superior precision tubes to meet end users’ different applications mainly for automotive and HVAC&R today.



Aluminum tube is designated as “extruded tube" or "drawn tube”, while drawn tubes are more popular in many applications. Drawn tube obtains its mechanical properties and dimensions by drawing "extruded tube" through a die. In addition to adding strength, the drawing process provides exceptional dimensional control and a superior surface finish that would not be attainable in an extruded tube of the same alloy and size. Drawing also enhances the bending, flaring and formability of tube.

Aluminum tube is also recognized as seamless tube & porthole tube per different extruding process. U.S.H has more than 10 different tonnages direct & indirect press machines, which can make a large spectrum of dimensions seamless tube & porthole tube to satisfy our customers’ specific needs. Precision tube is sold in two configurations: coil and straight lengths. Sometimes the tubes are required in short fixed lengths. We can also cut it for customers.

Aluminum pipe specification
       Atten: the O.D and WT no need according to the international stardands strictly, shoud be lead as youe market

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